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Our shelter is located at

2424 E. Sand Rd.

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​​We are the Humane Society of Ottawa County (HSOC).  
Our shelter is a 501c(3) no-kill shelter that was established in 1976. Since then, we have continued to provide a vital service to the community, not only for the animals, but for adults and children as well. Our organization prides itself by caring for the animals of Ottawa County. 

Our goal is to turn unwanted, neglected and abused animals into loving members of new families.  We are dedicated to a program of spaying and neutering animals to ensure that more animals find their way into caring homes.

We maintain a "NO KILL" shelter within humane guidelines.

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As you all know, 2020 was a crazy year! As a non-profit, 100% of our operating expenses are funded through donations and fundraisers. We had to cancel every fundraiser planned for 2020 due to COVID-19. 

Recently, a gentleman by the name of Dave Schwan reached out to us with an idea. (You may recognize the name Schwan as in Schwan Orchards right here in Port Clinton! Best peaches, peach wine and peach muffins in the world!) Well, Dave along with his wife, Tonya Tack and their daughter Evelyn, are animal lovers and advocates. They worked together and created this coloring book called Doggy Doodles. 🐾
This adorably illustrated (by Dave!) coloring book sells for just $9.99 and 50% of the profits from each one sold comes directly to our shelter animals! The book is available on AmazonSmile by clicking here:

Hometown Author Publishes First Book!

​​Dave Schwan


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From a very young age, I knew I was destined to love two things in life:  animals and school.  When my family and I moved to Camp Perry in 1977, my 5-year-old self was smitten with the dogs, cats, and rabbit we soon acquired.  I can remember riding the bus to Jefferson Elementary every morning and being completely in love with the fact that not only did I get to go to school – my absolute favorite place on the planet – but that I’d also get to come home later and “teach” my pets everything I had learned that day.  Years later, when I graduated from Port Clinton High School in 1991, I was a girl with a plan.  First, I wanted to become a teacher so I could change lives and convince kids to love school as much as I did.  Second, I wanted to save ALL the animals.  And I do mean ALL of them.    

 Now as I write this, I’m just a couple of months away from wrapping up a 25-year career in education as a high school English teacher, and I’m watching a life-long dream come true by writing and publishing my first book.  When it came time to sit down and write, there was no doubt about what my topic would be, because I knew my pets would be my inspiration.  I have fostered and rescued countless furbabies in my life, and they have always brought me so much joy.  By using them as the main characters in my writing, I hope that their silly little antics will bring a bit of happiness to others, as well.  Anyone who has ever owned an easily excitable dog who wants nothing more in life than to play with its less-than-interested kitty siblings should be able to relate to the basis of Carl and Hazel Take a Tumble. (Labrador Retriever owners, this one’s for you!)  You want to root for the doggo, but we all know that cats rule the roost.  It’s a lopsided power struggle in my house, for sure, but it sure is entertaining to watch, and I’m positive it will be the inspiration for more books to come!

- Jennifer R. Foster

You can pick one up right here at the shelter! This coloring book will make a great gift for the animal lovers in your life! 🐾❤️

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