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​2424 EAST SAND ROAD • PORT CLINTON, OH 43452 • Phone:419.734.5191 • E-mail: hsoc1976@yahoo.com


Coming soon, pictures and profiles of some of our residents, just waiting for a furever home! 


"Just the other day, a little guy came in who seemed somewhat dazed and confused. At first, I thought that it was just your typical kitten ditzyness but it turned out there was something serious going on here. It seems someone threw the little fella out of a moving van...Now why would anyone do something like this? Fortunately the poor guy was unhurt and is getting along great here at the shelter. I have taught him a few tricks myself, and he will make a great pet for some lucky family to take home. 

Which brings me to my larger point. I have been at the shelter for many years. SOMEONE has to be the mascot, and frankly I don't think the place would even run without me. I love it here... But for many of my roommates, both cats and dogs, this place is still kind of lonely. I mean, sure, we all get lots of food, warmth, water, medicine and attention from staff and volunteers. We are safe and healthy, but most of us here would really like a HOME. You know, a couch to snuggle in, toys just for us, occasional catnip parties, clothing (for dogs ONLY please!) brothers and sisters and sunbeams to chase. Maybe a TV with Animal Planet on it, not to be picky...I guess what I am saying is, if you're reading this, come down To the shelter and take someone home! I guarantee you will never find a more grateful, loving companion. Just not me...I have responsibilities. "

Snuggles and Mews,


Since 1976, the HSOC has been Ottawa County's only "NO KILL" Humane Society. We are dedicated to providing education and services to Ottawa County and beyond, also to enforcing animal cruelty laws and helping turn the many homeless pets into loving family members in "Furever" homes! 

As we receive no public funding, we rely upon donors like you to keep our shelter running.

Visit us at 2424 East Sand Road, in Port Clinton. Due to COVID, we are open by appointment only. Questions? Please Call (419)734-5191.

The HSOC is pleased to have elected an all-new, yet very experienced board of directors for a two year term commencing in January 2018.

The new board has a mixture of experienced and familiar hands and new faces, all of whom contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our board members are: 

Marty Mortus - President

Dr. Amy Bixler - Vice President

Mary Anne Koebel - Treasurer
Sue Srajeda - Secretary

​​Lara Bischoff - Trustee
​Diana Hopkins - Trustee

Barb Ayres - Trustee

​Lesa Smith - Trustee

Michelle Clark - Trustee

​Crystal Cleary - Trustee

Lesa Heredia - Shelter Manager

Rand Stine - Assistant Manager